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We are delighted to be able to offer a new service to our customers. “Show cakes” for hire.

How does Show Cakes Work?

Simply we offer our show cakes(demo) to you for your wedding day, alongside cutting cakes for your guests to enjoy. The price of the show cake will depend on the size but will cost between £100 to £150. This means you have a stunning cake on show all day for your guests to admire. The cutting cake is square and is cut by the venue and distributed as normal to your guests. It is full of your chosen flavours and you can have more than 1 cutting cake so you do not lose out at all. At the end of the special day we collect the show cake. If the show cake is undamaged we will return 50% of the price of the show cake. Cutting cakes prices will depend on size.

What will be included?

We came up with an idea to give our couples the Showstopping wow factor wedding cake which will be part of your special day and be on show. The show cake will be delivered and dressed just as we would any other wedding cake. The cutting cake(s) will be made to a high standard and be ready for the venue to cut and distribute to your guests. We then collect the display and show cake and return 50% of the cost of the show cake as long as it is not damaged.

who is the show cake aimed at?

The idea of the show cake is aimed at all couples who wish to have a showstopping cake without the heartstopping price tag, for example:

3 tier show cake=£100

Cutting cake 8 inches x2 with 2 separate flavours which would cater for 32 each cutting cake= £150.

Delivery and setting up would be extra

all in all you could have a show cake for your photographs and backdrop for your special day, with cutting cakes of 2 flavours, serving 64 guests for £250 plus delivery and set. Then at the end of your wedding we pick up the show cake and if undamaged return £50.

This means you could have a stunning show cake, cutting cakes with less wastage in fantastic flavours, with money returned to you for less than £300. Wow how fantastic would that be.

Please ask us how this can work for you.